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Stylish men’s black belt


Stylish men’s black belt

20 in stock



  • 100% hemp fiber
  • Width 40 mm
  • Length 125 cm
  • Black color


  • Handmade from a zinc alloy
  • Hand painted
  • The buckle’s toothed mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the strap to your desired length
  • There is an integrated bottle opener in the buckle clip

The 100% hemp fiber belt is suitable for every man. It can be easily adjusted to the size of the waist. A simple mechanism allows easy and firm fastening of the belt.

The polished hand-cast zinc clasp is finished in antique silver with the 3D Bohempia logo. The black hemp strip has a zinc end cap. The back of the buckle can also be used as a bottle opener.

Width: 40 mm; length: 125 cm

The package includes a spare end clip for shortening the belt.


Made in Czech Republic

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