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Candle with hemp oil – Yuzu


Candle with hemp oil – Yuzu

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Fresh citrus fragrance full of energy.

The aroma of Yuzu fruits, created by combining lemon and tangerine, enriched with the menthol scent of mint, coniferous cedar and tropical vetiver grass, enriched with subtle tobacco tones will lift your spirits and bring energy to your home.

The candle is hand made. It is vegan, degradable and non-toxic, ie. does not evaporate harmful toxic compounds.

n addition, you can wash and reuse the container and the lid after it has burned out.

Soy candles are healthier and gentler than candles made of paraffin.

Instructions for use: Light the soy wax candle for at least an hour so that the wax dissolves as close as possible to the edge of the container – this will prevent the formation of a tunnel. The candle can burn for a maximum of 3-4 hours. Wait until the wax has completely cooled down before igniting again. Before each use, cut the wick to a length of about 5 mm. This will reduce the unpleasant smoking of the candle and affect its proper burning.

Scent notes: Yuzu, mint, cedar, vetiver, tobacco

Content: 180 ml

Material: soy wax, hemp oil, glass, metal lid, cotton wick, fragrant composition

Burning time (with correct wick trimming): up to 45 h

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